Makeup sponges

Hello girls!
A long time ago, so much so that I think it's been more than a year, win a raffle that you can see in Raffle , in which came a makeup sponge also known as Beautyblender something that was very novel to me at the time.
Pretty soon after I talk about her and about the new makeup sponge I bought in Fapex .
beauty blender sponges makeup
The makeup sponges are of different types surely you will know that it has an egg shape, au They can also be triangular, round or like the one I show you in the photos, but the form is not very important. To be satisfied by one type or another comes from the comfort or mania of each person.
How are sponges used?
Makeup sponges can be used both dry and wet depending on the effect we want to give our makeup.
Dry makeup sponges are used to cover imperfections of our skin such as pimples or spots.
Makeup sponges in the wet , are used for a more natural makeup, in my case the soil always used in the wet because in addition to natural remains a bright and subtle finish. div>
To use them in the wet we simply put them in a bowl of water until they absorb it well, then we take it out, drain it and it's ready to use.
From here it's the same with the sponge moistened or dry, we just put the makeup on top of the sponge and we apply it on our face.
We can also put the base on the skin and then we give it with the sponge until we get the right texture for us.
Fapex yellow makeup sponge
What are the advantages of using makeup sponges?
It is very easy to apply the bases with these sponges, very little product is spent, it can be used with all kinds of makeup, be it bases, loose powders, mineral makeup ...
What to keep in mind?
Since the makeup sponges accumulate many bacteria we have to change them after a few months , also depending on its use as I commented the rose is a year or more, it survives because I have also been using others at the same time.
When we wet the sponge its size increases almost twice but when dry it will return to its original size, as you see the image the rose is wet and the yellow dry.
pink and yellow makeup sponges
What do you think of Fapex's makeup sponge?
Like the one I had before (larosa) I love it, I can not live without the makeup sponges, since I know them I have a little left the brushes.Did you know this beauty trick to make up?