Perfumesclub - Adolfo Dominguez "Trip to Ceylan"

Hello girls!
Today I want to show you my last order to Perfumes club . Last year for Christmas also make an order that you can see in Perfumes Club - Baby Tous.
In this post I taught you a Lot of Tous for the little ones composed of 8 pieces 100ML + EDC 4.5ML + SMALL STORY + TRAY, BOWL, CUP AND SET TOUS, recommended for children.
And this year the first order that I am going to teach you is the Perfume by Adolfo Dominguez called "Viaje a Ceylan", composed of the 100 ml perfume, after shave balm and a 10 ml vaporizer that is ideal to take anywhere.
Adolfo Dominguez travel to ceylan
You already know that I am one of those crazy people who are always looking for the bargains, that throwing money does not go with me and after looking in many places I tell you that where this lot is cheaper, it is in Perfumes club for 29.95 €.
Well this and the vast majority of perfumes, if you want to check you just have to write the lot of this perfume in google and of at a glance you can see the huge price differences.
Adolfo Dominguez travel to ceylan

But beware that now buying in Perfumes club has prize.

The awards are 4 checks of € 100 and 5 checks of € 50 ac browse on web products . Date of the draw: 07/01/2015.

If you want to participate:

- You will have to answer the question and make the registration by clicking on the following image:

draw perfumes club

Have you made any purchases at Perfumes Club ? What do you think of the perfume trip to Ceylan by Adolfo Dominguez ?