My handmade and personalized Sphinge notebook

Hello girls!
Today I'm going to show you my handmade book from Sphinge, if you do not know the web give you a tour that besides books are very cool and very good things prices as photo album, books defirmas ... and best of all is that they are personalized.
Do not you want to have a unique notebook? I already have my Sphinge handmade book.
handmade book sphinge
The notebooks are sewn by hand, making them resistant , flexible and with a good opening.

My notebook is made of flowers and if you have a good memory with my old blog header , which echoes little bit less.

handmade book sphinge
 craft book sphinge
All handmade notebooks come with a stamp and a reference number that testifies to their craft production.
 notebook custom sphinge
craft book
It's a cu A modern craft perfect and very well echo does not have a single mistake and also are pretty cheap you can find from € 5.
What do you think the sphinge craft books ? some like that? Kisses