Hello girls!
Something that brings us a lot of head are the face illuminators, that's why today we are going to talk of them, to try to clarify some doubts.

What are the illuminators in makeup?

The illuminators are a lighter color product than our type of cream or powder skin that is used as its own name says to illuminate the face.

How to use an illuminator?

The illuminators are applied after having used the base and correctors.
We will apply it on the cheekbones, in the center of the forehead, chin, arch of the eyebrow and length of the nose as you see in the image of the blogger, blog that I'm recommending 100% even if it's in English and right now they must be making some changes because it's under construction.
Changes are surprising, although in reality it is not only to illuminate the face, but also because it is a crack to see which eyebrows have been marked.

Beauty tricks to illuminate:

What illuminator color should I use?

1. Gold is best for dark or tanned skin.
2. To the light skins the pink ones are the best ones
3. If you're not dark-skinned or light-skinned, ideally white or transparent.
Some recommendations for using the illuminator:
1. Oily skin should be careful with some illuminators in cream format because the skin will stay even fatter it is better to use them in powder format.
2. Be careful with excesses, do not pass if you do not want to look like a panda.
3. Use it if you have the face turned off.
What do you think of the illuminators derostro ? Did you know these beauty tricks ?