Greenpeople, ecological cosmetics

Hello girls!
Today in the blog I'm going to talk about cosmetics again, in this case the ecological cosmetics of Greenpeople.
GreenPeople is not just organic cosmetics , but a lifestyle in which natural They take care of the 100% organic ingredients and the elaboration process ( they do not test on animals ) . This is guaranteed by the certifications of all its products, based on natural active ingredients that care for the skin and improve your well-being and that of those around you.

What makes the GreenPeople products?

Greenpeople products for skin care contain more than 90% active organic ingredients, compared to products from large brands that normally contain a level of active ingredients of less than 6% (non-organic).
organic cosmetics greenpeople

One of the products I'm testing from Greenpeople is this Anti-imperfection cleaning foam. This espu Ma cleans the skin gently without drying out while helping to prevent and reduce imperfections.

It has soothing and toning properties for the skin and does not contain alcohol or soap. The main ingredients are green tea, amaro, larch, witch hazel, bergamot and rose geranium.

It can be applied morning and night in face and neck, massaging gently and then rinsing with warm water and drying gently with a towel.

If you apply it correctly I guarantee that your skin will improve .

Contains 96% of active ingredients certified as organic. Ideal for mixed skin or with tenacity to suffer acne or imperfections.

anti-imperfections cleansing foam

Soft facial cleanser of greenpeople.

It is an organic cleansing and cleansing cleanser suitable for all skin types. Gently removes makeup from face and eyes, even water resistant. It does not contain alcohol and that is rich in moisturizing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients.

Formulated to balance and nourish the skin with a gentle, natural scent. cleans impurities leaving the skin smooth as silk. It contains aloe vera, calendula, shea butter, squalene, jojoba esters and geranium rose.

To apply it correctly we will apply it by giving gentle massages with small circular movements on face and neck. We remove the remains with a cotton pad or with warm water and at the end we give a touch of cold water to activate circulation.

What I like most about this cleaner is that it is very soft and does not irritate me nothing the eyes, that lately they irritate me with everything.

Soft facial cleanser make-up remover

Fruity facial scrub:

It is a highly effective exfoliant for radiant skin instantly.It has a soft and light citrus aroma. For its correct application, we apply it on clean and dry skin making small circular movements.

Then rinse with warm water and finally give a cold tap to activate circulation. It is suitable for all skin types.

I had never tried such a good facial scrub like this one and with such a good smell.

fruity facial scrub

What do you think of the organic cosmetics of Greenpeople? Have you tried this organic cosmetics ?