Cuponation I have couponized

Hello, girls!

Today I come to tell you that I have been couponised, yes as you read. I have been couponised by cuponation.

One of my favorite sites to buy is Ebay, although you already know that many of you for the post:
- My purchases on ebay and several
- Cheap covers for mobile on ebay

And for the photos that I usually upload to social networks mostly Instagram, buy on ebay it is the simplest thing in the world and also with very low prices although I recommend you follow these tips to buy successfully on ebay:

1. The first thing you should do is make a PayPal account or a card that recharges like mobile phones that only serves to buy on the Internet, both can be done at any bank and are the safest ways to pay.

2. In the side column of ebay we will find different ways to filter to find what we are looking for. The ideal is that you put - Article in new state-Free shipping costs - Search worldwide .
3. You should always check if they send shipments to Spain . Once you enter the ad of the product you want, put it below the price.
4. Do not buy from any user who has less than 90% positive votes.
5. Voucherize your purchase: Before buying do not forget to enter, only 30 seconds does not require registration and you will find a discount code to save on your purchases.

If you buy on ebay by clicking on this coupon you will have a 50% offer.

ebay discount code
6. Once you buy the item, you only have to wait for it to arrive. And remember that if the package does not arrive you must claim it before it reaches 45 days to reach an agreement with the seller or your money back.
As you can see, buying from ebay is from the easiest, and also using coupon discount codes will save you some good euros.

Also today begins the EBay super weekend that runs from December 4 to 8.

Have you ever bought on ebay? What do you think of the cuponation discounts?