Cofre Pierre Fabre Beauty Autumn

Hello girls!
A few months ago I was talking about Elcofre de Pierre fabre special summer, of which I have some review pending to make, and today I bring you The chest of Pierre Fabre Beauty special Autumn.
The chest contains products from feminine cosmetics ideal and very well chosen for Autumn, the good thing is that you always use all products because they are chosen just for each season.
Do you want to know what feminine cosmetic products contains the Special Pierre Fabre Autumn Chest ?
Pierre Fabre special chest Autumn

Ictyane moisturizerProtective SPF 15 , is one of the products that has most helped me called the attention because the cream that came to us in the other box I loved.

As I said I have pending the review (it is already written just need to publish) but I advance that is very good. This cream protects against dehydration and hydrates up to 48 hours.

In addition, as it contains spf 15 it protects you from the sun's rays and helps to combat climatic stress.

Its size is 40 ml and its price of 14.50 euros
Protective moisturizer Ictyane SPF 15
A- Derma, shower oil and bath . It is an ideal product for atopic or very dry skin. This oil promises to moisturize the skin.
This is a mini size but the original size is 500 ml and its price is 16.70 euros.
 A- Derma, shower oil and bath
Galencic brings us an Argane hand cream . It is a cream that protects and nourishes the hands. But not only that, it also strengthens the nails.
Its size is 50 ml and its price is 9.90euros.
cream argane galencic hands

Rene furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo . This shampoo is formulated with essential oil and plant extracts selected by their properties. It is an ideal complement to anticaida treatments.

It stimulates the microcirculation of the skin thanks to the natural extract of Pfaffia and the biospheres of essential oils that it carries. They bring strength and strength to the hair; this will unravel very well.

Its original size is 200 ml and its price is 15 euros.
Rene furterer Forticea stimulating shampoo

Cleansing micellar water from Galenic .Makeup remover with just one pass both eyes and face.

Its size is 400 ml and its price of 23.40 euros

Galenic make-up micellar water
And finally comes a product that you really wanted to try for a long time a dry oatmeal shampoo from the Klorane brand .
This dry shampoo is for brown or brown hair as it is rich in natural beige pigments mineral that leave a clean hair and volume only two minutes.
Its size is 150 ml and its price is 10.30 euros.
dry shampoo porridge klorane

What do you think about the Peirre fabre's chest? Autumn ? What product did you like the most?