Cocunat and its natural cosmetics

Hello girls!
Today I want to tell you about cocunat, a healthy cosmetic sales company.

 natural cosmetics

Why does Cocunat opt ​​for a healthy cosmetic?

- Because it does not contain toxic. Conventional cosmetics to balance their formulas or lengthen the expiration of their products or to give them a more pleasant perfume uses toxic substances that in many cases have not proven the effects they can have on the human body.

- No ingredients likely to be carcinogenic. Independent studies of certain conventional cosmetic ingredients such as PEG's, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Aftalates are proving that they can be cancer promoters.
Its composition is made by natural ingredients of vegetable origin that are related to the structure of the skin.
- More effective than conventional since its basic ingredients already have with very powerful active principles, in the conventional one they must be added. In addition to stimulates the self-regenerating capacity of the skin.
- Care for body, mind and soul. Plants have active ingredients that act on these three levels, as when we take a Tila that calms our nerves and makes us feel better. By applying these ingredients on the skin they enter the bloodstream and take care of our dermis, our mood and our health.
- Respect the planet: do not generate chemical residues or harmful to the environment.
Local economies: working with natural products help local economies to expand and reach larger markets.
- In balance with your body. natural cosmetics advocates a more real woman, without sterile canons or absurd unrealistic objectives, but supporting real women, in their vital moment, their femininity, motherhood ... Women are more than a physique that only 1 in 100 goes into the Canon. NO MORE ATTACKS.

In coconut they sell the following natural brands:

Annemarie Borlind
Dr Hauschka
Green People
Homo Naturals
Honore des Pres
John Masters Organics - K pour Karité
Konjac Sponges
Kure Bazaar
Lucy Annabella
Mona & Leo
Natura Siberica
Prtty Peaushun
Stop the water while using me
A Butterfly Fly

And you can find all kinds of cosmetics oils, antiestrias, anti-aging creams, masks, shampoo, softeners ... both for women and children and men.
Also now have a special section Christmas gifts very interesting.
Payments they are made by credit card, paypal or transfer, they send it by Seur and for each order you can choose 3 free samples.
What do you think of the cocunat natural cosmetics ?