Avene Cleanance Expert

Hello, girls!
When I told you about Pierre Fabre's chest , some of you noticed that there was a lack of product (Who are you) I did not even notice, I was in the world of yupii or Mars I do not know very well but some very distant sure it was.
But today finally I give you my opinion about the Avene Cleanance expert .

Avene Cleanance expert review:

Cleanance expert is the perfect anti-imperfections care for acne-prone skin.

What are the benefits of cleanance expert?

- Anti-imperfections: Diolényl® *, a patented innovation thanks to the Pierre Fabre Research Center, exerts a triple selective action to limit the risk of bacterial proliferation (demonstrated in vitro on P.acnes), reducing redness and favoring the Grain removal.

- Exfoliating: X-Pressin promotes the reduction of black spots and smoothes the grains of the skin.
- Matificante : Monolaurin * regulates the overproduction of sebum.
- Calming: Avène thermal water provides its soothing and anti-irritant properties.
My opinion about C leanance expert: It is an emulsion with a moisturizing texture and a matifying finish that absorbs and spreads easily.
When you apply the notes, the face is very soft and light. Regarding the grains and blackheads, I got two disgusting grains that dried earlier than they usually dry normally.
Regarding the black points, it has not been removed but it seems that they have diminished or at least they are less noticeable.
Also the I have used it before makeup since being so light, I see it ideal.
Avene's Cleanance expert

Where can we buy it?

You can find it on Amazon that is sold by a pharmacy:

How do you like Cleanance expert de Avene ?