Disappointment with Revlon gel 7 days gel

Hello girls!
A few weeks ago I bought the Revlon colorstay enamel 7 days angel in Mercadona , the truth is that I buy quite cosmetic deliplus but this time, although it was on mercadona I bought another brand Revlon.
I bought these enamels because I'm tired of having half-painted nails comomucho after 3 days I have to re-paint them because I did not last absolutely anything almost no enamel.
enamels Revlon 7 days gel

Opinions glaze Revlon 7 days gel:

When I buy the Revlon enamels had several colors, if not remember bad apart from the red they also had white, pink and an orange half in mercadona although it is not a lot of color variety.

enamels promise a manicuraintacta for 7 days, they are quick drying and leave the nails shiny.
The revlon scrubs have an average price, the top coat cost me 4.50 euros and 4 euros enamel. The two things must be used together to take effect, well that's what the brand says ... my opinion is different.
enamels Revlon 7 days gel
What I like about the revlon glaze 7 days is that they are easy to apply and there are very nice colors left.

Why my disappointment with the Revlon gel 7 days gel?

However, what I do not like is that you have to give it two layers so that the coverage is good, this is not anyhow we are going practically with all the enamels.
But what if it bothers me is that it does not last 7 days as the brand promises.
The first image is from day 1, the second image to the side is from the second day, the third image in which it is seen that seme has removed a piece in the nail is the third day and the last is the fourth day and look how I already have .. it was absurd to leave it 7 days.
Let the manicure with the glaze Derevlon Well in the hands, they last me 3 days, probably if I did not do anything I would last them for 7 days but if you are a person who does things, the result will be the same as me.
That if the toenails were painted to me 10 days ago and they are almost the same as the first day. see a little bit because my nail has grown.
Revlon glazes 7 days gel

What do you think of the enamels revlon 7 dias ? Have you tried them?