BIRCHBOX monthly beauty box

Hello girls!
Today I show you the Brichbox Beauty Box of November called "Like at home anywhere" . Because sometimes the best plan is to stay at home bringing treatments and pampering with which to spend a good afternoon in the fall

Do you want to see this beauty box ?

november birchbox

Content of the box birchbox:

In the November Birchbox we received a mini-note of ENGLISH LAUNDRY TM - EDP SIGNATURE FOR HER.

With this fragrance you can enjoy the opening of the quince notes, mixed with puffs of white chocolate and jasmine. Then, you will notice notes of rose and lily that will end up leaving a woody and floral aroma.

It is recommended to apply it where there is a pulse, that is, behind the ears, wrists, clavicles and behind the knees.

The original size is 100 ml and its price is 70.30 €


The second product that I show you is this BEAUTY PROTECTOR PROTECT & DETANGLE , this protector can not smell better. Repair, protect and, of course, straighten and untangle your hair immediately.

After washing your head, apply your Protect & Detangle by spraying it on damp hair 4 or 5 times. about 15 cm away. Then, comb and make sure that the product is perfectly extended from the root to the tips.
Its original size is 236 ml and its price is 19 euros.  protective detangle
Kueshi brings us this day cream with a high content of caviar extract, which has a high percentage of fatty acids and essential amino acids, phospholipids, structuring peptides and trace elements capable of revitalizing the tissues and increasing the production of collagen and elastin slowing skin aging.
Contains Caviar, Olive Oil, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Sun protection spf 15. iv>
Its original size is 50 ml and its price is € 22.35
 hueshi cream caviar day

Esdor brings us a hand cream and nails, vid divine. I have already tried more products of this brand in the post 5 tips for exfoliate the body , tell you about your exfoliant that I love.

This super moisturizing hand treatment is the best complement to a perfect manicure and not It should be missing in your bag or on your bedside table during the colder months.
Its key ingredient: a high percentage of polyphenols, an antioxidant active extracted from grapes. In addition, it contains Argan Oil for greater nutrition, softness and comfort.
It does not contain parabens, mineral oils, or artificial colors. Its fruity aroma is free of allergens.

Its size is 75 ml and its price is € 12.90. esdor crema de manos y uñas divine

Korean Mask THE SKIN LOUNGE DEEP HYDRATING , I've already told you about this mask and the others of this brand in Korean Masks .
As I commented in the previous post, these masks are all very good, well, better said, until now all the Korean cosmetics that I have tried have seemed very good to me.
Your price is € 3.50.
skinlounge Korean mask
PIXI SHEA BUTTER LIP BALM, mine is brown but I've also seen them pink. It is a lipstick that, thanks to the Shea Butter and Vitamin E, nourishes them deeply while giving them a light touch of ultra-flattering color.
This lipstick is modulable ie the more layers you give more color you will have on your lips.
Its price is 12.20 €.

And watch out for the little message that comes for the next Birchbox that will be the December.

birchbox wonderful
I des Of course I do not miss it because all the wonderful things have that special touch.
The Birchbox is received once a month by subscription for a price of 9.95. € with shipping costs included.
The Birchbox box of November I liked it very much, it brings very useful and different products. And what do you think about this monthly beauty box ? Do you like the female cosmetics that comes in this box?