Hello girls!
Even if it's a little late, today I'm going to talk about Divissima . I say with delay because in the web of divissima you can find some beautiful bikinis for all types of tastes, all kinds of models and also all kinds of prices.
But as Elverano and step (what a pity) I will also tell you that they have pajamas, jeans and lingerie of the most beautiful and sexy.
But I have an outlet area that I would be better off forbidden to enter. And I'm going to teach you what I have of the brand divissima Have you seen what bag more?
I've taken a crop top in black color and not because I do not like white that I like and a lot but ... I have a lot of white mania because everything is transparent or small, let's leave it in that it leaves little to the imagination.
It's a round neck shirt and its length is just below the chest. It is ideal to go to the beach or the pool.
And that's how the Divissima crop top looks like:
What do you think of Divissima ? Did you know this website?